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Partner with us and you’ll experience a profound journey towards boosted:

  • clarity
  • confidence
  • self-awareness
  • motivation
  • and fulfillment

EmpowerU Avenue fosters an empathetic, playful, and daring environment that accelerates the careers of ambitious leaders, allowing your superpowers to flourish and create meaningful transformation.


Are you stuck in a rut?

NOW is the time to BREAK OUT of this rut and embark on a transformative journey that empowers you to conquer challenges, embrace successes, and reignite your ambition for a brighter future.

Right Now…

• Negative inner chatter is sometimes paralyzing

• Stress and anxiety is hijacking your life

• You need clarity and resilience

• Being confident in your abilities seems impossible

• YOU aren’t feeling valued or recognized in your job

• No matter how hard you try, you still feel stuck


• Building the confidence to advance in your career whilst being yourself!

•  Getting the recognition you deserve

•  Taking a step back to see your priorities and opportunities

•  Equipping yourself with the necessary tools and practical skills to pursue and achieve your dreams

•  Enhancing your self awareness to own your strengths

•  Leading a purposeful and balanced life


Do your leaders or teams need a reboot?

It’s time to PRIORITISE organizational growth. Enhance your leaders’ confidence, engagement, and resilience, empowering them to achieve greatness – as individuals and teams.

Right Now…

•  Employee engagement and retention are suffering

•  Your organisation’s leaders are drowning in rapidly changing environments

•  Teams struggle with collaboration and communication

•  Lack of decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution is causing confusion and disunity


•  Being empowered to navigate challenges, optimise performance, and unlock your full leadership potential

•  Ability to drive organisational success and personal advancement

•  Fostering both individual and collective achievements in a dynamic environment where your team achieves their goals together!

•  Focusing on the key leadership skills your team needs to thrive, grow, and development your organisation!


“Rosine is a game-changer. She coaches with empathy and compassion, and her warmth immediately puts you at ease.

I emerge from each of our sessions feeling enlightened, inspired and strong; with a renewed focus on my personal and professional priorities.”


Kate Woodhead
Director, Sustainability Disclosure
Financial Services

“Rosine has completely changed how I view myself, my life, and my career. I’ve managed to find my excitement for work again, which I wasn’t sure I would be able to do when I started this process.”


Ashley Firth
Global Director of Engineering
Renewable Energy

“Rosine uses tried and tested methodologies to understand you, your values and the way you work. She then helps you lift the fog on what you want from your career, and more importantly gives you insights on how to progress towards that goal. ”


Mark O’Riordan
Senior Supply Chain Manager


Prepare yourself and your teams for a profound mindset shift!


• Develop a heightened self-awareness of your values, strengths, and limiting beliefs

• Make decisions aligned with your core values and approach challenges with a more productive and creative mindset


• Overcome imposter syndrome

• Develop trust in yourself and the courage to embrace your inner power

• Advocate for necessary personal and professional changes


• Develop a compelling vision for your life and career

• Discover what truly matters to you

• Find purpose and direction with a solid foundation of who you really are


• Confront the detrimental effects of self-imposed pressure and stress

• Release limiting beliefs and embrace a healthier mindset

• Handle challenging situations through cultivating resilience and self-acceptance


• Approach goals with enthusiasm

• Feel empowered, in control, and ready to tackle challenges as a confident leader

• Find a renewed excitement about work and life


• Prioritise happiness and fulfilment in both your personal and professional life

• Develop healthy coping mechanisms to prevent work from dominating your personal life

• Achieve a healthier work-life balance

• Appreciate and celebrate the journey towards your achievements

Rosine pointing

Are you ready to start your empowering journey?

Rosine with her dog

MEET ROSINE SUIRE, PCC, CPCC, CPQC, Professional Coach & Facilitator

Rosine navigated the challenges and triumphs of a successful career in a male-dominated tech industry. Despite outward success, she experienced personal turmoil, sacrificing her well-being for achievement. A wake-up call sparked a profound transformation, leading her to not only redefine her values, but also the trajectory of her career.

Now a certified Professional Coach & Facilitator, she helps other leaders break barriers, find balance, and embrace their power. Discover her practical approach and unlock a renewed sense of empowerment, contentment, and groundedness in your own life.

Together, we will uncover your unique inner power.

With newfound courage, you’ll be empowered to reach your aspirations and embrace your purpose, whether as an individual or a cohesive team.

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