Founded in 2020 by Rosine Suire, EmpowerU Avenue’s approach is built on empowerment.

EmpowerU Avenue encourages individuals to make their own decisions, work collaboratively in their teams, and embrace professional and personal growth. True transformation includes investing time and resources, welcoming change, and accepting discomfort as a catalyst for growth. We ask the tough questions and mirror clients’ thoughts, propelling them towards change and self-improvement. By the end of their journey with us, our clients are empowered to embrace their superpowers and move forward to greatness.

We’ve empowered hundreds of leaders.

Since its inception, Rosine has empowered hundreds of leaders from well-known companies like Unilever, Standard Chartered, Ralph Lauren, Capgemini, TCS, and Amgen. Her extensive experience in global consulting firms, her leadership in multi-million-dollar projects spanning various industries, and her pivotal role as a global alliance director for Salesforce uniquely position her with a wealth of experience and insight.

Hi, I’m Rosine!

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve come to understand the importance of balance and nurturing the well-being of individuals to drive business success. I’ve worked in fast-paced, multicultural, and results-driven environments, which taught me valuable lessons in leadership.

My passion for empowering individuals eventually led me to become a certified leadership and career coach and facilitator, and starting my own coaching and leadership development business.

International experiences, including living in countries like Australia, Mexico, Spain, and now the UK, have given me a deep understanding of working within diverse, international teams.

Above all, I am committed to the highest level of professionalism in the coaching field. I hold professional certifications as a Co-active Professional Coach (CPCC) and a Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC). Additionally, I’ve earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation.

Rosine sitting with a cup

Rosine Suire, PCC, CPCC, CPQC, Professional Coach & Facilitator

From Overwhelmed Global Tech Director to Confident Coach

Rosine began her journey in the fast-paced, male-dominated world of tech, filled with ambition and overwhelm. Despite her positive demeanour and beaming smile, there was a time when these were her shields against inner turmoil. Burdened by sadness and depression, she felt like a weight on her family and friends.

Rosine seemingly had it all—a great job, international travels, a loving family, a beautiful home, and a social life to envy. Her childhood dreams had come true. By the age of 22, she’d lived in several countries, mastered three languages, and earned a master’s in international business. She’d transitioned from a shop assistant at a Christian Dior Couture Shop in Madrid to a global alliance director travelling the world to attend CXO-level meetings, shattering glass ceilings.

Rosine outside

But beneath the facade of success, Rosine was struggling. She worked relentlessly, prioritising her job above all else. At work, she felt like an outsider, burdened by impostor syndrome, pretending to be someone she wasn’t. It took a wake-up call to make her realise that her company didn’t truly value her and more importantly, that her job was not aligned with her purpose. This was not the job that was made for her.

A skiing accident, which left her with two broken ligaments in her knee, became a turning point. At her lowest moment, Rosine encountered a life-changing career coach who set her on a transformative path.

She made the courageous decision to abandon her entire career and embarked on a journey to become a certified life-changing career and executive coach herself. Since then, she’s empowered countless individuals and teams worldwide to break through their own barriers, both professionally and personally, using her unique methodology.

Clients appreciate Rosine’s ability to empower them while fostering a sense of clarity and groundedness. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of coaching and finding one’s true purpose in life. Rosine is here to guide you on your own journey towards empowerment, fulfilment, and peace.


Igniting radical transformations around the world by harnessing the superpowers of ambitious leaders.


Fostering an empathetic, playful, and daring environment that accelerates the careers of ambitious leaders, allowing your superpowers to flourish and create meaningful transformation.


We prioritise the well-being and understanding of all our stakeholders, fostering deep connections rooted in empathy and compassion.

We believe in infusing the self-development process with joy and playfulness, empowering you to pursue your life goals with a light-hearted and enthusiastic spirit.

With a strong sense of accountability, we recognise that our words and actions shape the path to our shared vision. We take responsibility for our behaviours and act with deliberate intention.

We are committed to continuous professional growth, staying updated with the latest tools and knowledge to provide exceptional support and foster your ongoing growth throughout the self-development journey.

Embracing the power of synergy and equality, we celebrate and honor our differences. We approach every interaction with curiosity, fostering an inclusive environment where individuals are encouraged to be their authentic best selves.

We’re here to empower you with elevated self-awareness, enhanced confidence, newfound clarity, continuous growth, unwavering motivation, and a profound sense of fulfilment.