“I feel so much more confident now that I have a very clear direction of travel.”

Embrace the career coaching experience that empowers you with the clarity and confidence needed to guide you in the right direction that not only satisfies your ambitions but also fills you with pride.


It’s time to assess if you’re in the right career but you have no idea what to do next

You don’t know how to bring your authentic self to work and aren’t sure it is safe to be yourself

Making a career shift is daunting – You’re not sure if now the right time to shift or if you can afford the change

Prioritising what’s important in your professional life is a challenge

You’re not sure what career you desire, or how to go about achieving it

The whole job searching and interviewing process is overwhelming

Stop the endless doubts and frustration of being stuck in a career that no longer serves you and envision partnering with an experienced coach to:

Gain absolute clarity about your new career direction, reinforcing why it’s the perfect choice for you.

Create a compelling mid-to-long-term vision for your career and life, providing a focal point that drives and inspires you.

Develop a precise action plan to navigate your transition from your current role to your exciting new career path.

Clients Say…

“I have learnt how to manage imposter syndrome – my gremlins/saboteurs! I now know my non-negotiable values. Coaching has given me more clarity in my thinking, understanding in my feelings, and helped me feel more confident to manage stress.”


Michelle Keene
Legal Practice and HR Manager

“Rosine guided me in the path to discover a deeper sense of self, identify my values and priorities, and then design what I wanted. She adapted her approach to who I am. After a few sessions, I was way more empowered, ready to be myself and fight for my professional and personal dreams.”


Lorena Rodriguez Mendoza
EMEA Partner Manager
“I feel very driven to achieve my goals. The doubt and fear have been quietened, and my perspective on what I am capable of has shifted dramatically. I feel so much more confident now that I have a very clear direction of travel. This is what I have been wanting to do for more than 15 years and now there is no more time to waste. I loved working with Rosine and would highly recommend her. ”


Sejal Popat
Internal Communications Director
Real Estate

With our career coaching, you can confidently embrace the change you’ve been longing for!

Our comprehensive career coaching service includes:

A FREE introductory call to kick-start your journey

A personality assessment to deepen your self-awareness

A psychometric assessment that delves deep into your unique strengths, helping you recognize their potential for application in your new career path

12 interactive 60-minute online coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs

Customised exercises to complete and resources to explore between session to enhance your personal growth

A freshly updated CV that positions you perfectly for your new career direction, helping you stand out and make a strong impression

You’ll leave our 12 Session Programme with:

Clear Picture of Your Ideal Job: Critically evaluate potential career options, discerning which ones align with your enjoyment and viability, including those you might have previously overlooked or hesitated to pursue.

Leveraged Strengths and Skills: Discover your unique strengths and transferable skills, learning how to apply them effectively in your career.

Crystal Clear Priorities: Gain clarity on what truly matters to you in your career and life right now, ensuring your choices align with your values.

Inspiring Vision and Strategic Roadmap: Craft a compelling and motivating vision for your future career and life, giving you a clear sense of direction.

Boosted Confidence: Regain your confidence, equipping you with the self-assurance needed to tackle new challenges and embrace change.

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