Last week I reflected back to my years of being a grey-suited workaholic and was amazed at how long it had taken me to take the decision to change career.

As you probably know I’m passionate about helping others find their way and fully thrive in a career they enjoy, much to the point that having a conversation with a friend who is unhappy at work really frustrates me as I so want to help her make the move without too much procrastination.

When I was working and feeling miserable in my job I used to think:

‘This can’t be it’.

‘I can’t be feeling like this at work for the rest of my life’.

‘Different companies must treat their employees better, respecting their needs and challenging them to grow in a trusted environment’.

In fact, I was listing all of the things that were important to me, in line with my values (connectedness, trust, freedom, etc.), that were not demonstrated by my company.

I was feeling completely disconnected and I was convincing myself (with the help of all the hyper-rationals around me) that I should just suck it up and get on with it.

No one likes their jobs anyway – work was not created to be enjoyable, that’s why it was called Work!

Also, ‘don’t be weak, stop whining, how are you going to pay the bills anyway?’

All this chatter was going on…and meanwhile, time was passing by.

I was looking for certainty that the path I was going to choose was the right one, before making a change.

I was checking if the grass was actually greener elsewhere!

So how can you know if the grass is actually greener elsewhere?

  • Should you just suck it up and live for the holidays and weekends, like most of your friends? Or should you quit, on the spot because you’ve had enough?
  • Should you speak to all your friends about it to find out what’s happening out there? Or should you just keep it quiet because maybe you’ll forget about how bad you feel?
  • Are all the companies the same or are you dreaming of a fair, fun, respectful company that doesn’t actually exist?

With all those questions running in your head, it’s no wonder you end up procrastinating and not making any decision, staying in a grass that may or may not be so green after all.

So how to know if the grass is greener elsewhere?

When I work with clients to help them identify what’s the best move for them, here is the process we follow, in line with the Career Coaching Programme: FireworksTM.

1- Explore and find out what you care about

If you find out what’s important to you:

  • values,
  • what makes you tick,
  • your favourite skills and strengths,
  • what gets you out of bed every morning,
  • what you will make a stand for despite all odds)

then you will know whether the grass is actually green where you are standing right now. Who knows you may decide that you are actually happy where you are?

2- Dream about your best industry and job match

Once you know what’s important to you, you can start investigating:

  • what type of industry attracts you,
  • your ideal working environment,
  • list any job title that has made you smile in the past (whatever the feasibility or the reason),
  • your work motivators,
  • your ideal working day

This will help you understand what’s possible for you, and possibly get you excited about a future change too 😉!

3- Discover how green it really is on the other side

Best way to know about a future job direction is to:

  • Speak to the people doing the same job you’ve identified as ideal for you
  • Contact employees of a potential company you’ve spotted and get a feel for what’s really happening there
  • Test your appetite to change – are you ready to make the move and leave your comfort blanket behind?
  • Finalise your action plan and make it happen!

Making your plan happen will require you to have full confidence in yourself.

Are you ready for your action plan?

Get ready with my Ultimate Confidence Booster Playbook.

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Greener grass means happier you.

Wouldn’t you like a bit more of that in your life?

Knowing that you won’t be stuck in a unfulfilling career for the rest of your life can make all the difference in how you enjoy your life.

Please let me know in the comments what techniques helps you assess the colour of the grass elsewhere?