“Rosine’s coaching of believing in myself is a true tool that I will keep with me for a long time”

Leadership coaching offers a personalised and supportive space for leaders to enhance their effectiveness, evolve, and thrive, ultimately leading to elevated team performance, organisational success, and personal fulfilment.


You struggle to feel like a leader, as burdened with imposter syndrome

You know there’s a better way to manage your time and energy, but you’re stuck in a rut

Confidence issues are impacting your communication

You aren’t sure how to delegate

You feel overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’ you have to do

You are plagued with stress and anxiety

Invest in your leadership journey and reap the rewards of personal growth, enhanced performance, and career advancement.

Our comprehensive leadership coaching includes:

A FREE introductory call to kick-start your journey

A personality assessment to deepen your self-awareness

A psychometric assessment that delves deep into your unique strengths, helping you recognise their potential and lead from them

10 interactive 45-minute online coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs

Customised exercises to complete and resources to explore between session to enhance your personal growth

Support in between sessions via voice messaging or email


“As a result of coaching, I see career progression in a timeframe that I couldn’t have foreseen 3 months ago. What I’ve learned through coaching led to a discussion with my senior leadership on an expanded role with my senior leadership, and requested a step up in my remuneration in line with my current market value. It took a lot for me to overcome my imposter syndrome and have these conversations.”


Kate Woodhead
Director, Sustainability Disclosure
Financial Services
“It was astonishing how fast things became clear with Rosine’s help. I made huge steps in just a couple of months. Her coaching style was personal and action-oriented whilst full of empathy and humor. Overall, it was empowering.


Marco Schutz
Product Manager
“Rosine’s coaching of believing in myself is a true tool that I will keep with me for a long time to come!”


Danielle Kaye
New Store Project Director EMEA

Expect great results, including:

Self-Awareness: Gain a deep understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, values, skills, and beliefs, empowering you to leverage them and improve areas that need development.

Increased Confidence: Boost your confidence in your leadership abilities, empowering you to excel in your role.

Stress Management: Learn stress management techniques to perform at your best without compromising your well-being in demanding leadership roles.

Improved Communication Skills: Enhance your ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and empathetically, strengthening relationships with team members, peers, and stakeholders.

Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Develop crucial emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, self-regulation, and social awareness, enabling better decision-making and adept handling of challenging situations.

Leadership Coaching