“Her energy is infectious and each session puts the coachee on the road to a better future!”

Life Coaching will provide you with a personalised and supportive framework for fostering personal growth, making difficult life decisions, attaining fulfilment, and effectively manoeuvring life’s obstacles, ultimately leading to enhanced overall well-being and satisfaction.


Discover your inner power and find the courage to pursue your dreams?

Develop trust in yourself and the courage to embrace your inner strength?

Find purpose and direction with a solid foundation of who you really are?

Handle challenging situations through cultivating resilience and self-acceptance?

Feel empowered, in control, and ready to tackle life’s challenges?

Prioritise happiness and fulfilment in both your personal and professional life?

Then it’s time to elevate your life and embark on a transformational path with our holistic life coaching experience.

Clients Say…

“At times where everything felt very overwhelming Rosine was there to help me break things down, understand how I was feeling and why, and gently guide me to find ways forward. I’ve undoubtedly learnt skills for life, I understand ‘me’ a lot more, and had so much fun working with Rosine.”  
Jade Fletcher
“I strongly believe anyone who’s interested in finding/realising this fire within, getting focused, improving, advancing, changing, growing, or simply wanting to be happier in everyday life should connect with Rosine. [Working with her was] one of the top and best decisions I made in my life. Every aspect of it since has transformed me in ways I would not have imagined.”  
Thomas Cnota
“Rosine puts you at ease with her extraordinary empathy, her smile, and her pep. She quickly identifies the profile of her coachee, their values, and their major personality traits. Then, she flexibly adapts her approach and provides, through subtle questions, support for projects that are really important to the coachee. Her energy is infectious and each session puts the coachee on the road to a better future!”  
Severine Berger

Our comprehensive life coaching service includes:

A FREE initial consultation to kickstart your journey

A personality assessment to deepen your self-awareness

8 interactive 45-minute online coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs

Customised resources and ‘home play’ exercises to enhance your personal growth between sessions

Support in between sessions via voice messaging or email to answer any questions