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100% Recommend

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Rosine for 6 months and I can definitely say her coaching style is efficient and agreeable. I learned a lot about myself, my aspirations, and how to achieve my goals. In addition to having great conversations, Rosine shared great resources (books, TED talks, etc.) and that really makes a difference.

I appreciated the trusting and kind environment that Rosine created for our discussion. I 100% recommend working with Rosine and would definitely love to have another experience with her!”

Fanny Lacroix

Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager, Leadership Coaching Client

Empowering and Effective

“Being coached by Rosine has been fantastic! It was the first time that I worked with a coach – I could not believe how much progress you can achieve in such a short time with a great coach.

From the very first session on she was able to create an atmosphere of trust and connection and it felt very natural to open up to her. Within our first sessions, Rosine managed to help me identify the main causes why work and life aren’t always balanced, and I cannot access my full potential in such situations.

Rosine’s coaching was very effective. Her coaching style was personal and action-oriented whilst full of empathy and humour. Overall, it was empowering.”

Marco Shutz

Product Manager, Leadership Coaching Client

Changed My Life

“Rosine helped me to move forward through a confusing professional phase. I loved the ways she guided me in the path to discover a deeper sense of self, identify my values and priorities, and then design what I wanted. She adapted her approach to who I am.

This coaching path really changed my life. After a few sessions I was way more empowered, ready to be myself and fight for my professional and personal dreams. Rosine’s openness and strong ability to listen, understand, and make me aware of reality was key in my coaching. It helped empower me to act.”

Lorena Rodriguez Mendoza

Partnership Manager Europe, Career Coaching Client

A Shining Light

“We all have a time in our life when things are too much to handle and we can’t find a way out. Rosine was the shining light at the end of the tunnel. She showed me that if you keep going and you believe in yourself, you will get to the end and be in the bright sunshine again.

Her gentle method, her understanding and her support was what turned my life around. Her amazing smile and her kind words made everything better. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Lulu Kamlah

Programme Director, LIfe Coaching Client

OUR CASE STUDIES: Real Clients. Real Results.

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Michelle Keene

Leadership Coaching was instrumental in Michelle’s journey of personal and professional growth. She conquered imposter syndrome by developing effective coping strategies, gained a solid understanding of her values, and used this newfound clarity to make confident decisions.

Kate Woodhead

Kate’s leadership coaching journey brought remarkable career transformation. She gained confidence and courage, addressing imposter syndrome and driving changes within her organisation. Kate embraced ambiguity, found self-awareness, and aligned with her core values.

Ben Jones

Through career coaching, Ben experienced a significant transformation, gaining a clearer vision for his career and life, enhanced self-awareness, and increased empowerment and confidence.