Ben Jones

Data Engineer, Career Coaching Client

Through career coaching, Ben experienced a significant transformation, gaining a clearer vision for his career and life, enhanced self-awareness, and increased empowerment and confidence. 

What was your biggest career challenge before you received coaching? 

My vision of what I wanted from my career and life was extremely ‘fuzzy’ so I didn’t feel motivated by work. The biggest short-term challenge was figuring out the direction to move in.

What have you learned to help move you forward with that challenge?

I’ve learned about my values and what drives my enjoyment in work/life. This has enabled me to approach questions and decisions with a more level and productive head.

I’m also now confident that I have the answers, I just need to be in the right mindset to access them. I’m also now much more aware of my Saboteurs and when they come into the equation. Realising the enjoyment and power that learning has in my life proves I need to ensure I continue enriching my life with learning. Mindfulness has also helped me settle some of my anxieties, take a moment, and then approach a task or challenge with a clearer mind. 

What have been the results so far? 

Overall, I feel more positive and in a better space mentally to tackle the next chapter. Very constructive conversations about potential employment have made me feel valued and excited. I was able to be clear about what I wanted in those conversations.  

How has our coaching relationship changed (a) the way you feel about yourself (b) how you feel about your job or where your career is heading? 

I am more positive, less self deprecating, and I have more confidence in my self-worth. I feel a stronger direction of where I’d like to go and why it will be good for me. 

What is something Rosine did as your coach that you really liked? 

Rosine had the perfect balance between encouraging me, offering suggestions etc, but also allowing me to come to conclusions about things myself. One (of many) great moments was when she pointed out that I’d approached exercises with my Saboteur hat on. It was good to be held accountable in this way and have to retry exercises thinking more positively!