Kate Woodhead

Director of Sustainability Disclosure, Leadership Coaching Client

Kate’s leadership coaching journey brought remarkable career transformation. She gained confidence and courage, addressing imposter syndrome and driving changes within her organisation. Kate embraced ambiguity, found self-awareness, and aligned with her core values. She now advocates for her self-worth, treats herself with compassion, and envisions new career possibilities. This transformation blossomed within a trusting coaching relationship, providing support to explore vulnerabilities and truths.

What specifically have you achieved during the coaching period?  (I.e., goals, achievements and successes.) 

I have developed my confidence in my own abilities, reducing the impact of imposter syndrome. This has allowed me to open several successful conversations with senior leaders about strategic development of my function and personal career – something I would never have previously felt courageous enough to do. 

I have learnt that whilst I don’t enjoy the idea of change and ambiguity, I am actually able to use my skills to thrive in these situations in a way I had not previously understood. In fact, I have now advocated for the change that I think is required for the good of the organisation and I may be stepping into a broadened and more strategic role.  

My greater self-awareness has allowed me to acknowledge and understand my instinctive responses to situations, and work to stay aligned to my true values. 

What are you doing differently as a result of our coaching? 

I find myself advocating for my own needs and worth, considering my abilities and strengths in a different light, and treating myself with more compassion.

I am more able to recognise and identify my instinctive responses to situations, and then I’m more able to step back and determine what is factual and true, and what is an emotional reaction. 

How will what you’ve learned impact your career and life?

What I’ve learned through coaching has already led me to discuss an expanded role with my senior leadership, and request a step up in my remuneration in line with my market value. I am now stepping into a more strategic position (amazing as this was one of my goals), and potentially becoming a line manager to 2 direct reports.