Michelle Keene

Legal Practice and HR Manager, Leadership Coaching Client

Leadership Coaching was instrumental in Michelle’s journey of personal and professional growth. She conquered imposter syndrome by developing effective coping strategies, gained a solid understanding of her values, and used this newfound clarity to make confident decisions. 

Through coaching, Michelle harnessed her self-confidence and emotional control, transforming her insecurities into strengths. This process provided her with enhanced clarity and reasoning abilities, allowing her to navigate challenges with a clear mind. Michelle also discovered gratitude and appreciation for the support received from her coach, as well as the positive impact coaching had on her life and career.

What was your biggest career challenge before you received coaching? 

Starting a new job at a much higher level than I have ever had before. The imposter syndrome kicked in as soon as I got the job offer!!  

What have you learned to help move you forward with that challenge? 

Ways on how to manage that imposter syndrome – my gremlins / saboteurs!  I have learnt to recognise when they are there and also appreciate better that I will never live without them but rather I understand how to live with them.  

What have been the results so far? 

It’s given me more clarity in my thinking to make better sense of my feelings of insecurity and inferiority. And also to understand why, when someone does not have the same values as me or sabotages those values, I feel the way I do. It’s given me more reasoning.  

How has our coaching relationship changed (a) the way you feel about yourself (b) how you feel about your job or where your career is heading? 

I feel more confident to manage and cope with the job, the stress and the challenging people I work with. I’m able to control these irrational thoughts of not been good enough or strong enough in a better way.  

What is something Rosine did as your coach that you really liked? 

Rosine listened properly but never judged me. She helped me to restructure my thoughts and make sense of things I haven’t been able to make sense of for years….if ever!